Sunday, February 5, 2012


Had a meeting/presentation in the Pioneer district. Since our contact person didn't came in in the morning as scheduled (11am), they had the presentation moved at 1:00pm. Thank God there was a restaurant at the ground area. We were four - I, my business partner, AE and the driver. We ordered the following. Don't ask why. We're all men.
Minestrone Ala Milanese soup at Php120
Pollo Impanato e Patate Fritte (chicken fingers and fries) at Php170
The Works Pizza (r12) at Php350
Carbonara at Php170
Baked Cheesy Fries at Php150
Bolognese at Php160
So what do I think with the restaurant and their food selections? Well I, being bias to chicken and pastas, gives it a 9 out of 10. The food was great! And I love that the food was still hot (which of course the way food should be) when it was served. Everything was perfectly paced and the food (all of it) tasted good and fresh. I'm definitely going back the next time I'll be in the area. This time, it would be a celebratory lunch. (Cross fingers)
The Breakdown:
Minestrone Soup Php120
Chicken Fingers and Fries Php170
The Works Pizza Php350
Carbonara Php170
Baked Cheesy Fries Php150
Bolognese Php160
Bottomless Iced Tea Php55 (4)
Total: Php1,340