Sunday, March 4, 2012


"BIZU was coined from the French word "Bisous". Translated in English, the word means kiss. Beso-beso, the Filipino term for kissing, is one of the most endearing and enduring qualities of Filipinos."

That's BIZU. Such a fancy restaurant with a fancy name.
 And here's the fancy setup...

 ...and the fancy food! Here's what we (along with Bestie and Lorraine) ordered.
Calamansi juice at Php95
Macarons at Php45 each
Waldorf Salad at Php445
Three Dips and Baguettini at Php245
We were seated inside but there's something about the atmosphere of the place that made me eat the food outside instead. PLUS it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Tea time! Sure felt like eating at a restaurant along the streets of Paris. I'm giving Bizu a 9 out of 10. I love the place! Perfect for a romantic date and I love the family servings of the salads. I'm a sucker for salads you know.

The Breakdown:

Calamansi juice Php95
Macarons (3) Php135

Waldorf salad Php445
Three Dips and Baguettini Php245
Total: Php920

Bizu Patisserie & Bistro
Greenbelt 2

Visit BIZU here!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Had a meeting/presentation in the Pioneer district. Since our contact person didn't came in in the morning as scheduled (11am), they had the presentation moved at 1:00pm. Thank God there was a restaurant at the ground area. We were four - I, my business partner, AE and the driver. We ordered the following. Don't ask why. We're all men.
Minestrone Ala Milanese soup at Php120
Pollo Impanato e Patate Fritte (chicken fingers and fries) at Php170
The Works Pizza (r12) at Php350
Carbonara at Php170
Baked Cheesy Fries at Php150
Bolognese at Php160
So what do I think with the restaurant and their food selections? Well I, being bias to chicken and pastas, gives it a 9 out of 10. The food was great! And I love that the food was still hot (which of course the way food should be) when it was served. Everything was perfectly paced and the food (all of it) tasted good and fresh. I'm definitely going back the next time I'll be in the area. This time, it would be a celebratory lunch. (Cross fingers)
The Breakdown:
Minestrone Soup Php120
Chicken Fingers and Fries Php170
The Works Pizza Php350
Carbonara Php170
Baked Cheesy Fries Php150
Bolognese Php160
Bottomless Iced Tea Php55 (4)
Total: Php1,340

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We eat to live. That's a fact. But some of us eat just for the sake of filling up a hungry stomach or in some cases, eat just because we feel like it. Seldom we ask ourselves if the food that we put in our mouth is healthy or if it was created from the finest ingredients worthy of the money we spend on it. My philosophy on food is "If it's worth it, spend!" That's why when Chad of Ambush Online invited me to take part in a food tasting event that he was organizing last December 4, I was intrigued by the "Artisan" resto that is Sauceria and I immediately said yes. As far as I know, the artisan concept meant everything is painstakingly made from scratch. I assumed: the longer you make the food, the higher the price is. But lo and behold, I was in for the surprise of my life.

So let me tell you about Sauceria. Where everything is artisan-style, naturally and freshly made… from scratch!

Sauceria, viewed from the outside emanates a homey feel (as seen in the following photos),

Its interior has a sort of techno-art deco with an interplay of bricks, stainless steel and copper. Much like the food that Sauceria offers, the restaurant's look is also a fusion of different elements. The idea is to set different moods for different dining times. Sauceria serves lunch, dinner and even after hours! Soon: breakfast.

Allow me first to share the secret behind the good tasting food that you are about to see (and possibly drool over) as told by the owner/artisan/food-lover, Mr. Earl Palma. Sauceria's food is considerately cooked with the right temperature in mind. You see, there's science in cooking! Same as how you boil water or how you cook meat to soft, juicy perfection, every food (that requires heat to cook) should be done accordingly with the right temperature.
Sauceria's not-so-secret weapon: infra-red temperature gun. They use this to
measure the right temperature in cooking. Right heat = Good eat!
Now let's get to the good part. The food! For starters, we were offered our choice of drinks. There's calamansi, ginger and iced tea. I ordered calamansi. It was raining that day and extra protection from the sniffles won't hurt. I needed Vitamin C! Haha.
Calamansi soda - freshly made and yes, they make their own S-O-D-A
I'm a big fan of salads! Just thinking of the lush, green, crunchy veggies and the oh-so-perfect vinaigrette of Sauceria makes my mouth water. Here they served us with two kinds of salads.
Ceasar salad at Php160 p/o
Garden salad with vinaigrette dressing at Php110 p/o
It's time for the pasta! I prefer red sauce over white but what Sauceria served us that day made me change my limited preference over white sauced pasta like carbonara. I appreciate how the sauce of the carbonara was creamy yet not bland and it tasted right - for a white sauced pasta that is. Don't even get me started with the pomodoro. Oh man!, it was great! Sprinkled some chilis over it and I simply could die. It's pasta heaven I tell you! See the bread on the side? You simply can't miss it. The fresh taste of it is all to the fact that Sauceria makes and bakes their own bread! Sarap!
Pomodoro at Php210 p/o
Carbonara at Php240 p/o
And now let's get to the highlight. The pizzas!!! If only I'm half of a glutton as I was, I could've finished them all. Thank God I was with (new-found) friends who helped me finish everything (well, almost everything).
Charsiu pizza with mango at Php390 p/o
Margherita pizza at Php300 p/o
Ham and mushroom pizza at Php300 p/o 
Spanish sardines pizza at Php330 p/o
Salted Egg and Ampalaya pizza at Php250 p/o
S'mores pizza at Php300 p/o
Here are my top pizza picks:
1. Salted Egg and Ampalaya Pizza - It's not even that bitter! This is a surprising mix of salty and slight taste of bitterness but all in all, I loved it. This is a must try.
2. Margherita Pizza - I just love the taste of green herbs mixed with tomatoes and cheese
3. S'mores Pizza - chocolate, marshmallows and mango tidbits. 'nuff said!

While waiting for the last pizza to be served (the S'mores!!!), I was able to have a warm-up for my sweet tooth with this...
Mango Yogurt smoothie - yummy!
For fear that we might have a cheese overdose with all the pizzas, the owner - Mr. Earl Palma, made a pahabol for us. This usually comes before the main course but with us, food enthusiasts that we are, we didn't mind. Appetizers or not, good food is still good food.
Tuna Tataki (goof for 4) at Php320
Nachos grande (baked with cream fraiche, beans and jalapeno; good for 4) at Php360
This is the Finale for me (and Twinkle). I'm a coffee drinker but not half as discerning and critical as she was! She speaks coffee lingo and man, she's really good at it. We were able to enjoy half a cup (each) of the famous (and expensive!) Civet coffee. Civet or Alamid (as commonly known here in the Philippines) is made from the beans of coffee berries which was eaten and defecated by the nocturnal mammal. Once cleaned, sun dried and processed, Civet coffee lives up to it's reputation as the world's most expensive coffee with its sharp yet clean coffee taste. Coffee lovers must at least try this once in their lives.
The most expensive coffee ever! Civet coffee at Php360 per cup
So who are these new found friends who shared these delicious feast with me that I was referring to earlier? Here they are.
The duo behind Good Food Blog
Jon and Twinkle of Forkplay
Jill of The Food Scout
Chad Arietta of Ambush Online
Sauceria Restaurant was founded on the concept that healthful and natural food can taste better than the commercial preparations. MSG and artificial chemicals are a big no-no and the flavorful taste all comes from natural ingredients. Being the true artisan that they are, Sauceria (as I've mentioned earlier) makes everything from scratch! From yogurts to cultured creams, to mayos and even ketchup! Sauceria also support local farmers. They source out the products that they use from marginal and cottage businesses and even from forest dwellers for their civet coffee!

Overall, I'm giving Sauceria a 9 out of 10 stars. The food, ambience and pricing deserves a gold medal. The staffs were even friendly but the only catch was the time the food was served, which I understand is the result of the food being prepared and cooked as ordered. Read: A-R-T-I-S-A-N. Meaning: F-R-O-M  S-C-R-A-T-C-H. Piece of advice, If you're in a hurry to eat, go to a fast food restaurant. But if you want to be on for a treat, eat at Sauceria. I tell you, it's worth the wait!

Sauceria Restaurant is located at 25 Boni Serrano Ave (fornerly Santolan) corner Sunrise Drive 1111, Quezon City
For questions, reservations and the like, you can email them at or you can simply call (02) 584 3967

Like Sauceria on Facebook HERE.

PS: Before leaving, I ordered a S'mores pizza to take home for the family but when I asked for the bill, Mr. Palma said that it's on the house. Aww… nothing beats kindness to cap off the day. As you can see, Sauceria is not just big on taste but also has a big heart. Thanks sir!

Thank you Sauceria! Thanks Chad! And oh, don't forget to check Chad's video blog! It's

Monday, November 28, 2011


One of the brands that my company is handling is based in Makati, Rada St. And everytime I pay them a visit, I make it a point that prior to visiting, I semi-starve myself so that I'll be able to eat "hungrily" at one of my favorite restaurants - Canteen, also located at Rada St.

This is basically the 3rd (or 4th?) time I paid them an eat. I was with my food crime partners Bestie and Kenneth. Hmm… why is it that it's always you two? Aha! Both of you are slim (payatot) kasi that's why.
grabbed from The PR Guy
We need to wait for like 30 minutes in order for us to be accommodated because it was a full house when we got there. We even considered eating at the car mind you… All because of good food! So here's what we ordered/enjoyed,
Beef Lemongrass at Php260
Pasta Chamba at Php245
Chicken Cutlets at Php195 
(Extra) Fried Rice at Php50
Chop Chop Chicken Salad at Php175
Iced Tea at Php75
I really do like Canteen's BIG Iced Tea and Lemonade. Bestie and Kenneth preferred water (again) - see? They're nice. What came as a surprise was the Pasta Chamba! It was a delight eating it much to the protest of my numb lips but it's all good. Thinking about it makes my mouth water…

I'm giving them an 8.5 out of 10 stars. If the menu were THAT cheap, they'll get a perfect 10! But of course, I don't mind paying that much dough if it's worth it and Canteen is ALL WORTH IT! Simple + Good Food indeed!

The Breakdown:
Beef Lemongrass Php260
Pasta Chamba Php245
Chicken Cutlets Php195
Fried Rice Php50
Chop Chop Chicken Salad Php175
Iced Tea Php75
Total: Php1,000
+ 5% Service Charge Php50
Grand Total: Php1,050

Canteen is located at 110 Rada St. Legazpi Village, 1200 Makati. Like them on Facebook!