Monday, November 28, 2011


One of the brands that my company is handling is based in Makati, Rada St. And everytime I pay them a visit, I make it a point that prior to visiting, I semi-starve myself so that I'll be able to eat "hungrily" at one of my favorite restaurants - Canteen, also located at Rada St.

This is basically the 3rd (or 4th?) time I paid them an eat. I was with my food crime partners Bestie and Kenneth. Hmm… why is it that it's always you two? Aha! Both of you are slim (payatot) kasi that's why.
grabbed from The PR Guy
We need to wait for like 30 minutes in order for us to be accommodated because it was a full house when we got there. We even considered eating at the car mind you… All because of good food! So here's what we ordered/enjoyed,
Beef Lemongrass at Php260
Pasta Chamba at Php245
Chicken Cutlets at Php195 
(Extra) Fried Rice at Php50
Chop Chop Chicken Salad at Php175
Iced Tea at Php75
I really do like Canteen's BIG Iced Tea and Lemonade. Bestie and Kenneth preferred water (again) - see? They're nice. What came as a surprise was the Pasta Chamba! It was a delight eating it much to the protest of my numb lips but it's all good. Thinking about it makes my mouth water…

I'm giving them an 8.5 out of 10 stars. If the menu were THAT cheap, they'll get a perfect 10! But of course, I don't mind paying that much dough if it's worth it and Canteen is ALL WORTH IT! Simple + Good Food indeed!

The Breakdown:
Beef Lemongrass Php260
Pasta Chamba Php245
Chicken Cutlets Php195
Fried Rice Php50
Chop Chop Chicken Salad Php175
Iced Tea Php75
Total: Php1,000
+ 5% Service Charge Php50
Grand Total: Php1,050

Canteen is located at 110 Rada St. Legazpi Village, 1200 Makati. Like them on Facebook!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On the following day upon my mom's arrival, I treated her and my two brothers to a (half) day out by watching a movie and eating at Trinoma
(L-R) Kuya Michael, Mom and Ryan (the youngest)
We watched Puss in Boots which was very entertaining, as expected, and capped off the day by eating at Mango Tree Bistro. This will be my third time eating at the restaurant and you know what they say about  the third time being a "charm"? Well, this is beyond that.

I'm a fan of Thai cuisine and Mango Tree Bistro's serves the best, if not, the practically priced Thai food in the metro. It's "sulit" as how Kris Aquino would say because we got more than what we paid for!
grabbed from
I took the liberty of ordering on behalf of all four of us since I've been there a couple of times (and also because I'm always the "nasusunod" son and the fact that I'm the one treating them anyway :p) and here's what I got,
Thai Iced Tea at Php80 - I always order this; favorite
All boys got the Thai Iced Tea while mom got the Lemongrass 
Tom Yum Pla Nuan Chan - Bangus at Php280
This is the "sulit" part. We got this as a complimentary to the grilled sea bass.
Usually, it comes only as a side with the fried sea bass but the good waiter
still served me this upon my request. Green Mango salad.
Pla Krapong Yan - Grilled Sea Bass at Php700
Khaopad Jay - Vegetable Rice at Php150
Gaeng Ped Gai - Red Chicken Curry at Php350
Khao Klook Kapi - Bagoong Rice at Php230
We were able to finish everything! Of course my mom, having three sons, took care of that. Overall, it was a very pleasant food experience. I'm giving Mango Tree Bistro a 9 out of 10 stars for its fuss-free setting, ambience, menu selection and food taste/quality. I could have given it a 10 but there's something missing and I don't know why… Oh well, maybe next time I go there I'll be able to identify that "thing" that is missing and hopefully, by then, I'll be able (also) to justify my 9.

The Breakdown:
3 Thai Iced Tea Php240
1 Lemongrass Iced Tea Php80
Pla Krapong Yang - Grilled Sea BassPhp700
Tom Yum Pla Nuan Chan - Bangus Php280
Gaeng Ped Gai - Red Chicken Curry Php350
Khao Klook Kapi - Bagoong Rice Php230
Khaopad Jay - Vegetable Rice Php150
Total: Php2,030
Plus Service Charge Php181.25
Grand Total: Php2211.25

See the happy faces?

We, I, whoever comes first, will be coming back for sure! How about you? Been to any of Mango Tree Bistro's two restaurants? They have one in Greenbelt 5 (1st Level) and of course, Trinoma (3rd Floor, beside Powerbooks)

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Monday, November 21, 2011


Or was it? I don't know if it was a Friday but it sure felt like one when I decided to have lunch (pre-celebratory) at T.G.I.Friday's, Robinson's Galleria with two of my favorite staffs (Bestie and Kenneth). We just had a client presentation within the area and I also need to settle some things with T.G.I.Friday's for my nephew's first birthday celebration which we are also going to do there. Talk about susyal
T.G.I.Friday's Robinson Galleria; Photo grabbed from

Since it's lunch already, we have no choice but to eat there. Hala! Choosy pa? And we got ourselves these…

For appetizers,
Loaded Potato Skins at Php295
And for our main course,
Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom at Php565, we had the corn shredded 
Pacific Grilled Pork Chop at Php745 -three piece
We just had an extra rice pilaf and a regular coke in can for me. Bestie and Kenneth preferred water - they're nice.

T.G.I.Friday's is a good restaurant if you're on to impress a date or if you have  a SMALL (emphasis on the small) family gathering. Even though I like the food, of course we have to be wise spenders here. I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 stars. I just have an issue, on behalf of the others who wants to eat there, with the pricing. But overall, it was a good dining experience. One to be followed after a month or so… Not on a regular basis though unless... if you're an Aquino or a Trump, then indulge!

The Breakdown:
Loaded Potato Skins Php295
Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom Php565
Pacific Grilled Pork Chop (3s) Php745
Extra Rice Pilaf Php85
Coke in can Php95
Total: Php1,785
Plus 10% Service Charge Php178.50
Grand Total: Php1,963.50

Sunday, November 20, 2011


What started you ask? My being an instant fan the first time I tasted Chicken Charlie's double fried chicken and my insatiable appetite for it.

10pc Wing in Hot Sweet Sauce at Php229 
8pc Drumstick in Soy Garlic Sauce at Php379 
Potato Wedges 
Cheesestick Dynamite
Bundaberg Sarsaparilla - my preferred flavor
Can't help myself getting this cool shaped bottled water

I'm planning to get myself my very own (franchised) store of Chicken Charlie early next year. I find its menu selection simple yet "complete" and the food? Pure happiness! Of course it would make a great business opportunity for me and at the same time, sate my cravings. Imagine a chicken wing appearing with just a snap-of-a-finger! Hmm… yum!

Like Chicken Charlie on Facebook and don't forget to visit their website for updates!
They have branches in Banawe QC, San Juan, Malate, Paranaque and Katipunan.

Happy eating everyone!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Finally, I was able to squeeze in some time to go out on a long overdue lunch date with my girls Bestie, Astrid and Lorraine which I promised like over a month ago. What took me/us so long? Well, we are a working company. And by working, we don't consider eating out as a luxury and lunch is… what lunch? Work!

Lorraine, Astrid and Bestie
There are some things in life that are better left unplanned. And that lunch out at Bubble Tea? It's just a spur of the moment thing. That and the fact that SM North is like a minute away from our office.

We four, are fans of Bubble Tea… and going out (non work related) with my staffs is not something that I do on a regular basis that's why we made the most out of this rare opportunity for us to bond over our common interests with milk teas and japanese x western food shared with some laughs (or tons of it). And by making the most out of this chance, I meant these:
Bestie's: JCC Roasted Tea (L) 
Astrid's: Royal Mik Tea (L) 
Lorraine's: Coffee Milk Tea (L) 
Mine: JCC Black Milk Tea 
Lorraine's: Unagi Lover Roll 
Astrid's: Chizu Maki
Bestie's: Nippon Ebi
Mine: Mix Sashimi
Of course we all have to share everything except for the milk teas. Had a little trouble chewing the raw squid from the Mix Sashimi though but it's (still) all good!

In true The PR Guy fashion, a delicious meal won't be complete without a breakdown of the food and drinks we ordered. So here goes…

The Breakdown:
1 Royal Milk Tea (L) Php125
1 Coffee Milk Tea (L) Php125
1 JCC Black Tea (L) Php 135
1 JCC Roasted Tea (L) Php135
1 Chizu Maki Php135
1 Nippon Ebi Php285
1 Unagi Lover Php 295
1 Mix Sashimi Php350
Total: Php1,585

Every bite of the rolls and sip of the tea was pure happiness. Bestie and I had the same thoughts the moment we took our first bites. Would I recommend this restaurant to you? Yes! And I'm giving it an 8 out of 10 stars rating.
This is us, happy and obviously full
Like Bubble Tea Restaurant on Facebook here. Their branches are at SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, Tomas Morato and Wilson St, Greenhills.

Happy eating & happy spending everyone!


Call me OC but I am.

This is my first post for my food and travel blog. An introductory on what keeps me (and my tummy) happy.

I cook. I bake. And I love to travel! I think that sums up everything I am in this blog. Join me as I embark on a journey full of endless walks and gastronomical adventures.

Of course, it wouldn't be The PR Guy talking if there's no mention of spending here. The art of spending on food and travels that is.

Happy eating! err… Happy reading!

Paul The PR Guy